“Make the Church Available to All”

Any one driving along Park Place can’t miss the beautiful red brick church with the four large white columns, which is Park Place Congregational Church. The story of Park Place is a story of faith, a story of service, a story of discipleship and the story of how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of people to accomplish God’s work.

In 1882, 122 people left Pawtucket Congregational Church to meet in their homes. A new branch, which would eventually be Park Place Church, was sprouting. However, as yet it had no building and no pastor. The numbers of people meeting in homes grew, and within months they called Rev. J.J. Woolley to be their first pastor. As the numbers grew they moved the meetings from the peoples’ homes to the Music Hall. Eventually, the first Park Place church building was erected and what started out as a small body of believers, grew in number and spirit. God blessed their faith then, and he still blesses us today on this faith journey.

At the laying of the cornerstone of the first church on September 11, 1884, the Rev. J.J. Woolley said, “a church should be so located as to meet the tides of society that for any cause flow near its doors.” We still hold fast to the original commission of Park Place to serve the people of Pawtucket. We’re still located right on the sidewalk in the center of the city, and we strive to serve anyone who comes to our doors.

However, to truly fulfill our call we must have a building that is accessible to all, which is why we have stepped out in faith and taken on the construction of a wheelchair lift. When completed, individuals who require assistance will have access to both our sanctuary level and our auditorium in the basement.

The following photos will show you how the work is progressing. We hope to see it finished before Easter. Thank you for your continued prayer support.

Your Park Place Family

Thank you to Jeff and Al for their hard work and dedication to our project.

Donations are happily accepted.